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Ajedrez. Chess. The Steeplechase. The Tactician's Handbook - Victor Charushin DESCATALOGADO!!!

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This fifth installment of The Tactician's Handbook turns to pawn combinations - Extreme pawn combinations!

The Steeplechase is a foot-race through obstacles, and here Charushin treats us to the spectacle of a lowly pawn surmounting barriers and overcoming pieces, headlong in its tactical dash for the finish line. A high stakes capturing race, a pawn charge under the enemy gauntlet, a forced march to the Queening square - thats the Steeplechase!

Over 200 examples reveal advanced pawn tactics like Excelsior, a stunning quick-march from the pawns initial square to the 8th rank. Or the mutual Steeplechase, in which the players seem to ignore one another, each pushing his own pawn forward. Chapters cover the Steeplechase in history, in openings, in compositions; theres even a chapter on Alekhines use of the Steeplechase. Every page recalls Philidors maxim that "pawns are the soul of chess," and now we know why!

This volume elevates pawn play to an art form, and Charushins unique vision of pawn power makes 'The Steeplechase' an unforgettable experience!

Pages 128

Pickard and Son Publishers 1999



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