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Gran pintura italiana del siglo XVII, Entrega del rosario a Santo Domingo de Guzmán

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Antique Italian painting from the 17th century. Artwork oil on canvas depicting a religious subject, Delivery of the rosary to Saint Dominic of Guzmán, of good pictorial quality.

Painting equipped with a small wooden frame applied to the side of the frame (see photo). At the top right we find the Madonna with child, finely painted in the sky with cherubs at their feet (see photo). The draperies of the garments and of the veil placed at the top left, above the column, are pleasant. Bottom left, St. Dominic of Guzman receives the rosary. At his feet the lily and the dog, characteristic symbols of his iconography.

Artwork of great size and impact, ideal for placing in an important living room, study or private chapel, for antique dealers, interior decorators and collectors of ancient sacred art.

Painting that has undergone a conservative restoration, re-lined, replacement of the frame and color recovery in some points (see photo). In good condition with some small signs of the time. Sight size H 200 x W 160 cm.

H 203 x W 163 x D 4 cm

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