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Cuadro antiguo del siglo XVII, la parábola del labrador infiel

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Antique Italian painting from the 17th century. Artwork oil on canvas depicting a particular religious subject, the Parable of the unfaithful farmer. Once upon a time there was a farmer who fraudulently administered his master's assets. Before being fired, he tries to recover part of the credits by making important discounts to creditors, who will be grateful to him. The master, instead of condemning this behavior which is detrimental to him, praises the cunning of the farmer. This story is meant to urge believers to do whatever is necessary before the imminent arrival of the Kingdom of God and its judgment. Painting that develops vertically adorned with a wooden frame not coeval carved, lacquered and gilded. Painting that focuses on the characters in the foreground, a patina that does not allow a perfect vision of the architecture and of the foreshortening on the left (see photo), painted to be cleaned. Painting that has undergone a conservative restoration, relining, replacement of the frame and color recovery in some points (see photo). In fair condition with various signs of aging. To be restored. Sight size H 64 x W 49 cm.

H73 X W56 X D4 cm

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